I'm a freelance internet marketing consultant in rural Northeast Texas.

Most of us are here because we love it. Not because we want to pave the whole place over and make billions of dollars.

Interests: Chambers of Commerce, Economic and Community Development Corporations, Main Street projects, agri-tourism and any other attractions. What are other communities doing to bring dollars to their small towns? What's working and not working?

If the headline says "Project:" it's something I worked on. Otherwise I'm just sharing something I think is cool, inspiring or maybe weird. Please share, comment and become part of the conversation. ^There are "tags" up here that you can click on, directing you to topics. However, if servers are overloaded, they may not show up.

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The challenge - we have a first-ever, juried arts and antiques fair in our quaint, historic town within an hour of several large population centers. The advertising budget is limited. We’d like to be able to let people easily post photos of the many great things we have in store. 

How about a Tumblog using it’s own domain name? This year, this will be the only website for this event. They are the guinea pig for this approach, so let’s see how it goes…. 


Michael Peters (left, with Tori Spelling [!]) is a designer and long-time Dealer in antiques and designer furnishings for interior and exterior living spaces. 

Mr. Peters is also partner and director of “Blue Hills at Round Top,” a premier venue during the twice-yearly International Round Top Antiques Weeks.

We are looking forward to welcoming Mr. Peters to historic Van Alstyne, Texas!

Texas state law empowers cities to use a portion of their sales tax for economic and community development. Our own Community Development Corporation focuses on parks and other attractions to enhance quality of life, attracting tourism and new residents. 

We wanted this site to convey the Van Alstyne “lifestyle.” We are so much more than just another Dallas exurb. 

Testing. Can I take a photo with iPhone, post to Tumblr, then have rss feed post automatically to my Facebook business page? Is this too clever?

Candidate Forum:

Van Alstyne City Council, County Commissioner Precinct 1, Tax Assessor/Collector 

Date & time: May 1 (Tuesday) from 7 to 9 pm 

Location: Van Alstyne Community Center, 262 N. Preston Ave, Van Alstyne 

We are your neighbors, shopkeepers, parents & grandparents of kids in our public schools.  We are asking you to come to the polls. Here’s why:
The economy is rebounding.
Thoroughfares around Van Alstyne are being expanded, and cities to our South are growing again. The choices we make today will irreversibly impact the city for our children and grandchildren.
Our new city administration is accomplishing great things — and is just getting started: 
  • Parks are manicured. 
  • Positive changes have been made to our police department.
  • Fee reductions are attracting homebuilders and renovators.
  • Updated codes are making it easier for residents to improve their properties.
  • We have a new solid waste provider and curbside recycling.  
  • The city is also making significant improvements to our long-neglected waste water infrastructure.
… but there is so much more work to do.
The Deadline to Register to Vote: April 12.  Early Voting Begins: April 30. Election Day:  May 12
Visit votexas.org to fill out a form online.
CALL (800) 252-VOTE if you need help. 
Or, fill out a card, available at  the Library & County Government office. 

Van Alstyne city residents: We need you to register to vote for the May 12 city elections. Our future is at stake. The deadline to register is April 12. Also go to this page if you just moved or need to change your address. 

Growth is coming to Van Alstyne whether folks like it or not. We are located on a major highway near some of the fastest growing cities in Texas. The tollway is coming close to our town and other streets are being widened by the State.

Over the last few months, the city has made amazing progress with professional management at the top and heading every department. Business owners are energized and many are increasing their investments in the town. Citizens are showing up to meetings and getting involved. 

Quality management attracts quality people, quality businesses and quality development. But there are those who would throw out the new fair, inclusive and diverse management because they want to go back to the old-boy network. 

On May 12 city residents have a choice: Move forward with a positive, professional attitude or turn back the clock. Please take time to educate yourself on the issues and ask your friends and neighbors to vote. 

Click here to register today!

Again! But just down the street. 

We have purchased two 100+ year old buildings in downtown Van Alstyne. Three spaces will be rented out and we will be in an upstairs loft. 

Frequently asked questions:

"Is the building a hot mess?" Yes.

"Are there ghosts?" Probably.

Hopefully by the end of this month we will be moved into our space. Extensive remodeling of the other building and the outside of the building will ensue, followed by a ribbon cutting.